2018 Texas Medicaid Income Limits & Asset Limits (2017 and 2018)

Long Term (Nursing Home) Medicaid Limits in Texas

2017 2018
Income Limit (one Medicaid patient) $2.205/mo $2,250/mo
Income Limit (both spouses) $4,410/mo $4,500/mo
Countable Asset Limit $2,000 $2,000
Protected Resource Amount, minimum $24,180 $24,720
Protected Resource Amount, maximum $120,900 $123,600
Spouse Maintenance Allowance (MMMNA) $3,022.50/mo $3,090/mo
Transfer Penalty $162.41/day as of 09/01/2015 $172.65/day as of 09/01/2017
Home Equity Limit $560,000 $572,000

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14 thoughts on “2018 Texas Medicaid Income Limits & Asset Limits (2017 and 2018)

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  2. I make $400 a month, have fibromyalgia among other health problems, and am a single mother with two boys and they denied my adult Medicaid because I apparently made $3.52 too much last month. I don’t know whether I should appeal or reapply. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place.


    • There must be some kind of mistake made by the medicaid case worker. If you are only making $400 a month and are the single parent of two dependents, then you are way below the amount limit for income. I think you should look into what information they have applied to your case.
      Good luck!


  3. I am 81 years old and my unemployed son age 44 is living with me. I have bone on bone arthritis in both knees, therefore my son does most of the cooking and all the shopping , takes me to the doctor, does my yard work and a lot more. I wanted to know if he and I would qualify for Medicaid. I am on social security and retirement income totaling $1,725,87 per month.


    • You may possibly qualify for Medicaid’s long-term-care waiver program (Star+Plus) which would provide some medical assistance in your home. However, there are reports of long waiting lists to get these benefits; further, your doctor must certify that your condition requires either skilled care or intermediate level care. Your son, on the other hand, cannot qualify for these programs unless he is classified by Social Security as disabled and then he meets all other requirements regarding need for care and the income and asset limitations. There are other Medicaid programs available that help pay for hospital and doctor costs for your son under the Affordable Care Act (they are NOT the same as the long-term-care programs I am referring to in this article, and I do not know if he would qualify for any of those benefits).


  4. I am disabled on SSI and Medicaid. I’m turning 65 in March 2017.
    My only income is from SSI and is $733.00 a month.
    I am on the Texas Star program.
    I don’t know what is required of me, if anything, in order to continue receiving health care.
    I hope you can offer advice. As it is, I am home-bound.
    Thank you for any help.


      • Thank you, this is what I’ll do.
        And – I appreciate you for taking time with people and havng this column.


  5. My parents are 85 and 86, their combined social security income $2570 a month. Are they eligible for medicaid?
    Thank you in advance.


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