Announcing our updated Website

We have been working hard to streamline and modernize our website at The updated site is now active, and we hope you will take a look.

In addition to information about our firm, the site hosts information about legal services we provide, details on The Senior Texan Legal Guide (Ed 7), longer articles Paul Premack has written for various audiences, links to recent Express-News columns, our Contact information, and maps to our offices in San Antonio and Bellevue. We’ve even included links to our YouTube videos, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

We also have a new mobile website when you search on your phone. It looks great on a small screen and provides the same information listed above.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about the sites by emailing


2 thoughts on “Announcing our updated Website

  1. Comment

    The updated site looks good. I have looked through it.

    The YouTube videos are new to me. I remember Twitter from a long

    time ago. I just looked at your Facebook page.

    A new mobile website is great.

    It is nice to know comments about the sites are welcome with an

    email address also.

    The site looks like it has a lot of information.

    I like reading the email I receive from Paul Premack, Express-News

    Legal Column.


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