HRJ 38 and Governor’s Letter are Deceitful

Abbott is stirring fear and anger by criticizing Democrat influence in Washington and lionizes Donald Trump. The Governor’s letter misrepresents the situation and creates alarm where none exists. He claims to be fundraising to support Texas House Joint Resolution (HJR) 38 but contributions actually go to the Governor’s re-election campaign (donations go to “Texans for Greg Abbott”).

Estate Planning Workaround idea needs work

To a certain extent, everyone does some of their own estate planning without consulting their attorney. Once you understand the context and effect of a decision, you don’t always need to ask your lawyer’s opinion. That said, there are some planning concepts that are very technical and, if done incorrectly, can cause heartache, increase expenses, block progress, or increase taxes (among a few of the possible negatives).

What Texas laws says about accessing decedent’s safe deposit box

Safe deposit boxes are intended to be secure. Granting access has been quite strict in the past, but over the years the Texas Legislature has modified and clarified those laws to allow access under certain circumstances. Historically, when any safe deposit box renter died, the box was sealed until either 1) a court order allowing access was obtained, or 2) the court-appointed Executor presented the bank with Letters Testamentary from the court.

Can a Video be used as a Will?

This column first appeared in the San Antonio Express News and other Hearst Newspapers on February 18, 2019. Dear Mr. Premack: My grandmother while in ICU stated that she wanted all she owned including her house to go to me and my bother in law. This was caught on cell phone video. She was later…